First Post!

Welcome to my Blog! For my first post, I just wanted to start with a great big Thank You for visiting and I hope you continue to follow my journey. This month marks the 10-year anniversary that I began my journey with holistic health or as I like to say “fell down the alternative health rabbit hole”. There has been many bumps and many “ah ha” moments. Overall I feel 110% better today than I did 10 years ago. Honestly, it didn’t take long at all to even feel 75% better with just a few adjustments. Often, I felt like I took two steps forward but one step back, especially regarding gut health. In the coming days I will share how I got from there to hear and some of my favorite things that have helped tremendously along the way.

You see, we have a choice. We don’t have to be at the mercy of disease and the dreaded site effects of medications. We can take control of our health and make the necessary steps toward living a healthier life.

The past 10 years has been a very tough journey, but it has been filled with finding myself, research and trial and error. With what I have discovered, I am able to make the right decisions for my condition in order for me to live a fulfilled life. One thing that I have not done is feel defeated or let my issue cloud my goals. At first, I was angry, but I quickly realized that was not going to be sustainable if I was going to beat this. My disease is not curable and will always be a part of me, but I am able to control it now. What has helped me tremendously is a positive outlook and a support system. You can take control of your health. Let My Found Health become yours!