How I overcame my obstacles and got started

Hi Everyone! Whether you are starting brand new to exercising or getting back into it after a break, it is Hard! Not gonna lie!  I moved back in the fall and with all the packing and unpacking of a family of 4, I fell off the workout wagon.  Then the holidays came with more busyness.  I , like the rest of the world, vowed to get back to working out beginning of the year. This was easier said than done.  First conjuring up the energy was the first issue as any of you who suffer with chronic fatigue from an autoimmune issue know very well.  Then its making it through the workout. After successfully completing this (ok, almost, I did 15 minutes of a 30 min workout), the next challenge is doing this all over again the next day, and the next, all week!

I would be successful Monday and Tuesday.  Needed to rest Wednesday (so very out of shape) and by Thursday I was back into the habit of not working out.  This went on for several months.  Very frustrating.  I alternated from early morning to late afternoon to see which worked better.  Truth be told, I am tired both times of day.  I leave for work very early so the early morning workouts were attempted while still half asleep.  Following a long work day with almost an hour of traffic getting home leaves me tired and hungry ready for dinner.  Not to mention keeping up with the kids and their homework and projects! (Those of you familiar with the spoon theory…I was out of spoons) Fatigue is my biggest issue these days.  It is so debilitating and caffeine doesn’t help when true fatigue hits because its not about being sleepy, as many of you may be able to relate.  But I knew I had to get back to it, I was stressed more than ever and I need to stay strong and clear headed. (Oh, and lets not forget summer is coming)

Last week I made the decision to really put aside my excuses and make this happen.  I worked out a couple times and I now feel great! Slightly sore, but GREAT!  It is absolutely amazing how exercise can change you whole outlook toward life; how getting stronger makes everyday tasks so much easier such s climbing the stairs or having enough strength/energy to carry you up through the dinner hour.

This is how and what I did:

Monday- I started easy with a 20 minute cardio.  I really like Turbo Jam from Beach Body and doing the 20 minute video is my favorite because it is just the right amount of cardio to help my mood and to get that after workout great feeling without over doing it.

Tuesday- I did my leg/glute exercises on the floor.  I like to do the Brazil Butt Lift videos.  There is a theme here.  I like to workout from my home.  I don’t dislike gyms, but it is a lot of effort to get out to the gym and I feel I best utilize my time by doing an at home workout. (And no one sees when I am just too tired to give it my all so I get to save face a bit here)

Wednesday- I did a 15 minute High Intensity Interval Training workout from Beach Body’s Turbo Fire

Thursday-  Tired. Took a rest Day.

Friday- I had a late meeting so I was unable to work out.

Saturday- Leg/Glute video again.

Sunday- I did a Body sculpt (Brazil Butt Lift video) which is mostly upper body and some abs.

Monday- TON of traffic on the way home and by the time I arrived home I was tired and had muscle stiffness so I did some stretching.

Will get back to it Tuesday…..  So there you have it, my version of working my way back to daily working out. One day soon I will be back to fit.


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  • Katy


    Way to get yourself to work out! I’m proud of you! I love Beachbody workouts as well. I’m working on getting into a better schedule of working out also. Way to stick with it!

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